02 June 2010

Bali Day Three

Start of yet another exciting day in Bali!

Joanna and Albert went for Sea Sports, while Rashida and I proceeded to Sun Tan.

After our respective activities, we met up with the rest for lunch together.

KFC Coffee.

Chilled at Coffee Bean.


Seems like A&W is still available in most countries in Asia, just not Singapore...

Time for Seafood Dinner.
Where else but Jimbaran.
They have a whole stretch of Seafood Restaurants.
The most important thing is the restaurants give diners a scenic view of the Sunset!

Dog's Paws

All of a sudden, the beach was filled with people, all eagerly waiting to see the Sunset.

Here it comes.

These performers perform table by table, singing songs at your request.

Our Food!

After our very heavy Seafood Dinner, we stopped by Minimart to buy some alcohol, so we could chill by the swimming pool... I am starting to miss Bali, just thinking about it.
End of Day 3.

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reanaclaire said...

wow..so many pictures.. i have seen so quite a number of bloggers in Bali now.. last time i didnt think of going but now i do.. all these pictures are pretty encouraging!