10 June 2010

Esther's Birthday Dinner at Pu Tien Kitchener Road

Da Jie Esther invited her bunch of closest friends for dinner at the famous Pu Tien Kitchener Road (one week before Jiada had the food poisoning incident at Pu Tien City Square!)

One thing you might have to take note is that the original Pu Tien at Kitchener Road and the imitation Pu Tien at Kitchener Road are just a few units away from each other, ALONG KITCHENER ROAD. So please be careful not to enter the wrong Pu Tien!

Their famous noodles here. Its really good, though it looks bland!

Birthday girl, looking lavishing!

Pig Throtters, fried.

About 9 of us ate, and the bill came up to less than $200. Definitely worth every cent!

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