04 June 2010

Famous Crab King Seafood Restaurant Pte Ltd

After we visited a potential new office space nearby, we dropped by Famous Crab King Seafood Restaurant at Toa Payoh to try the seafood.

I wasnt very impressed with the appearance of the restaurant initially, because it looks just like a typical coffeeshop.
What inpressed me later, was the excellent service, and the great food!

Sharks Fin. Nice, the type I like, just a little, very mild, staleness.

This chilli is nice and unique, it tastes like chilli and Chinchalo, at the same time.

Whoa, I must give this mussels a A+. The best Mussels I have tried.
(After I visited this TPY branch, and before I posted this up, I have since visited the Marina Bay Branch, the same dish in Marina taste so-so, B-)

Cereal Prawns. Nice!

Salted Egg Crab. Nice. If you are someone who is crazy about salted egg, you will definitely love this. This dish is however very gelared, so be sure to quickly eat it before it turns cold!

The food overall is A here.
But if you would like to visit the Marina Bay Branch, please think twice, as I only would give the food there B-. The standard is quite drastic. Plus, please only visit the Marina Bay Branch if you drive, otherwise you are going to curse and swear, as its extremely hard to locate the place, with all the IR construction going on.
3 to 4 persons will set you back by around $150 - $200 per meal.

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