12 June 2010

Winkz Winkz - Buzzing Cashier 2

After watching Buzzing Cashier 2 on MobTV, I decided to visit this cafe which is located in Hougang Central Bus Interchange. The food critics and the chefs were raving about how good the food taste, but it was a HUGE disappointment!

Firstly, I visited the stall on a Sunday morning at around 11am, and it was still not opened. I looked around the exterior of the shop, and I could not find a single notice on its operating hours. FAILURE NUMBER 1: Not keeping the customers well informed.

When I re-visited the shop again at around 11.30am, it was finally opened. I saw the lady boss, who was featured in the program. She was busy preparing food. I was served by this rather young chap, probably her son or nephew. I asked about their operating hours. His reply was that on weekdays they open from 7am to 7pm. Thats fine. But when I asked about weekends, his reply was that they will come around "11 plus, no fixed timing on weekends".
FAILURE NUMBER 2: No fixed operating hours, open shop as and when they feel like it.

I decided not to be judgemental, and asked to buy their famous Filo pastry which was highly recommended on TV. I also wanted to try their famous Chicken Wings. To my disappointment, the food were ALL NOT READY, and I was told I had to wait 45mins, if I wanted those items.
FAILURE NUMBER 3: Poor time management. You don't ask customers to wait 45mins when there was no queue! If you open your shop at 11am, you jolly well get your food ready by 11am, thus, go to the shop EARLY to do your preparation!

I did not wait and left the shop disappointed.

I went back to the shop again in the afternoon, as I was dying to try the food.

This time round, I saw Chicken Wings on the display tray, and a lot of Filo pastries. I thought to myself, "Finally!"

A girl was mending the pastry counter, and I asked her which Filo Pastry was nicer, the mushroom or Tuna, and her answer was "Depends on your taste, I don't know, because I have not eaten before."

FAILIURE NUMBER 4: Staffs are not well informed of products. The least she could tell me was which was more popular among customers, and not tell me something an idiot will know, that is that the food depends on preference.

I bought both since she couldn't give me a satisfactory answer. I then also asked to buy 2 Chicken Wings, as there were 5 of them on the display tray. This time round, the counter girl told me the wings were sold out. I pointed to the tray, and she told me, someone else had bought it, but there was no one!

FAILURE NUMBER 5: Inadequate supply of food. Unless you are an extremely popular food outlet, like the Donut Factory 2 years ago, you should never tell your customers the food is sold out. You ensure there is always enough for anyone who walks in. Its only pardonable if its close to the end of the day.

I will NOT visit Winkz Winkz ever again, because after trying the Mushroom and Tuna Filo Pastry, I give it a D-. Both tasted really bad, at least not to my liking, and not worth all the hassle.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Marc,

Thank you so much for coming down.
We sincerely apologize for leaving you a bad experience.

We will be seriously looking into your pointers given.

Our operating hours are as below.
Mon - Fri : 0700 - 2100
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 1200 - 2100

Our specialities items that are featured in the Buzzing Cashier 2 program are as following.

1)Filo Pastry
(a) Chicken Filo
(b) Tuna Filo
(c) Mushroom Filo

2) Chicken Wing

3) Chicken Bite

The two top sellers are Chicken Wing and Chicken Filo.

We sincerely hope that you will give a chance to patronize the improved Winkz Winkz again.

Yours sincerely,
Winkz Winkz Management

eneres said...

Wow tat's really bad! I think buzzing cashier organisers should re-evaluate them, as well as other stalls/shops again man!

Marc said...

eneres, totally agree with u. its pointless passing the minimum ctiteria to pass the test, but not maintaining the standard thereafter. they should do a spot check every few months by sending a mystery diner down. too bad, they hv just lost a potential patron who was likely to visit them frequently if the food was delicious.