24 June 2010

Raffles Hotel Long Bar - THE Singapore Sling

We took Nick to the Raffless Hotel Long Bar as well as the Swissotel New Asia Bar for a visit when he was here in Singapore.

Ironically, though we hosted him, it was my first time in the Long Bar as well.

Raffles Hotel Long Bar is THE BAR that concocted the FIRST Singapore Sling.
Wow, the Singapore Sling here really tasted better than almost all Singapore Slings I have tried.

Oh, and in Raffles Hotel Long Bar, please throw your Peanut Shells on the floor. You will not be fined. When we first walked in, we were wondering why the staffs didn't sweep the floor, but Nick, who had read some tour book prior to the visit, told us that its a tradition in the Long bar, thus all patrons throw the Peanut Shells, all over. We took this opportunity, and threw Peanut Shells at each other, like kids. LOL.

Feels good to litter openly... Just kidding.... LOL

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