18 September 2008

老中中五香虾饼, the best in Singapore!

Went all the way to MacPherson to eat one of my all-time favourite "Wu3 Xiang1 Xia1 Bing3". Been hooked onto 老中中五香虾饼since I was 17 (then it was中中五香虾饼, they added the 老after the dad passed away), ever since I tried it. That means, I have been eating that for the past 10 years!!!

There are a lot of stalls around Singapore (one of them in Chinatown) that claim they are part of the 老中中network / franchise / subsidiary but my doubts are finally cleared once and for all after I see this signage, displayed prominently outside the coffeeshop.

It says "We only have ONE stall, we DO NOT have any other stalls elsewhere"

They were previously located in the S11 in MacPherson, but they have moved since the S11 is undergoing major renovation. They are now located in this coffeeshop, just opposite their old location.

This is the FAMOUS 老中中五香虾饼!!! Oh, and they don't serve bee-hoon here, please do not go and ask them why, because they will reply you "We do not serve since the first day we open the stall!"

Other than the food being damm nice, the chilli here is heavenly.

Because they do not serve bee hoon, we decided to also order some "Kuay Chap" from a nearby stall. You may think that it looks really delicious. But it is NOT!

The soup is awfully bland. And the chilli is really really not nice. The chilli for Kuay Chap is supposed to be a little sour and spicy, but this one is just sweet!

I cannot finish. I only took 2 mouths.

Its too delicious, just 5 mins and almost every piece is in our stomach!

And the Kuay Chap? After 30 mins and we were still struggling.

And Joshua's Bak Chor Mee apparently is also delicious. Look at what is left...

The chilli for the五香虾饼is never enough....

老中中五香虾饼 is so delicious, even the lizards love it!!!

3 Macro Voice(s):

pr1mero said...

WTF KWAY CHAP. Hahahaha. Is it that disgusting?

Serene said...

hahaha the lizard loves the signage only!

the 五香虾饼 looks damn mouthwatering man!

Marc, 27 said...

pr1mero, the kuay chap is not to the extend of disgusting la, it is just not up to m expectations, since I am an avid food lover.

serene, the 五香虾饼 is really the best in Sg, you should try it.