20 September 2008

Last Quarter - Last Dash!

This week, one word - BAD.

Fell sick since Thursday.

Supposed to go recce Chinatown and Tanjong Pagar for the planning of the Amazing Race Singapore, however, on Friday I had to excuse myself from work for half a day. I woke up on Friday with aches all over my body, congested throat and fever.

Didn't want to take a MC because afterall its the last day of the week already, so I picked myself up and proceeded to office at about 11plus.

Digression: Paul told me I scored 27/30 for my Marketing test!!! Yippee.... I also don't know how I did it because seriously I only studied on the day itself. Now I am only worried for my final paper because that stupid TM did not give us any tips for the exams. He was so sacarstic "For those who did not attend my lessons regularly, you have to find your own way out or you just have to study BROADER", which also means study the whole freaking textbook!!! WTF right?

On the other hand, SH was so nice, she gave us the exact tips for the paper, saying we do not have to study more or less because the tips she gave cover exactly the exam paper. I love you SH!

Back to Friday. Paul asked Joshua, Michelle and I out for lunch. We had lunch at Six at 6 Battery Road. Food was so-so la, that was my 4th time having lunch there already. Previous times all were with Sam and Paul too. Service was bad. The waitresses there don't seem to know their lunch promotion well at all.

We saw a huge display that said "Buy 2 main course and get 1 main course free - with your ABN AMRO credit card" but when we enquired about it, the waitress said this, "Yes, you will get 15% off all ala carte menu with your ABN AMRO card." The answer she gave totally has no link to what I asked. We asked about 3 times, then she got it and she said that promo is for cardholders with vouchers. LAME!

After lunch we proceeded back to office.

We had product training for some new product features launching next month, then I had my team call pendings since next Monday is last processing day. We also did a pre-announcement to the entire team about the sales challenge we are going to throw for the last quarter Oct - Dec.

Since we have such an agressive target for the last quarter, we threw an incentive trip for the entire sales, ff, cr team if we hit our annual target of XX, 000. I think its highly possible since we are aggressively scaling up our team.

I am starting to find it hard to juggle between my work and studies. Plus I am picking up a new sport, tennis.

Seems like I will be having a busy quarter ahead!

I am looking forward to my birthday party in 10 days time!!!

3 Macro Voice(s):

Serene said...

looking forward to meet you on sun :)

Fireopal said...

hi marc...
have u had any nuffnang campaigns recently..
recently like becoming a desert

Marc, 27 said...

serene, looking forward too.

fire, yeah, i just finished an ad last week, but i have to agree ads are getting lesser recently.