13 September 2008

Fantasie KTV at Serangoon Gardens

One fine Friday, we decided to go somewhere different. Due to the fact that my office is in Raffles Place, and we are 5 mins away from Boat Quay, our default destination for KTV / drinking is usually in BQ itself, but this time it was somewhere different.

Somewhere which brings back many good memories, secondary school memories to be exact. I used to frequent Serangoon Gardens during my Secondary School days as our school is within the vicinity. Violet KTV I remember. During that time, Violet KTV was like the KBox now, opening their outlets like one every 6 months. Just in Serangoon Gardens alone, there were like Violet I, II, III, IV, V? I cannot remember.

Then there is Chomp Chomp, which still exists, however, I cannot guarantee for the quality of food as compared to last time. Sometimes I wonder did the food quality deteoriate, or did my taste improve? Either ways, I prefer to eat elsewhere now (I still eat in coffeesshops).

Today we decided to scour the streets of Serangoon Gardens to see if we (or rather I) can find back those KTVs that used to operate in the 90s.

Streets are quiet. Its a Friday night, but it feels like Sunday in Shenton Way. The cats in the area probably outnumber the pub-goers.

As we were looking around, I suddenly saw a familiar KTV which i used to patronise as well. The first thing that came to my mind was the Scoring System which they were popular for!!!

Fantasie! I am not sure if this is the same Fantasie as that Fantasie I remember, we decided to go nearer to check it out.

AND, I found this. Yes! They do have that scoring system still.

Without second thoughts, we decided to go in and sing our hearts out.

The usual "its-part-of-the-package" food platter and 2 bowls of tidbits.

And of course the wet tissue, like $0.50 per piece?

Friday is not complete without Chivas.

As you can see, that is the score which will be accumulated at the top for the entire day. My highest score that day was 93! the highest for that day as well. Haha. The funny thing is I got close to 90 for a few Jay Chou songs which I didn't really think I sang well, but lower for those songs I always sing.

I wonder how this machine score the singer.


The "Lao Hong" prawn crackers. When we asked the waitress (or auntie) in to change for us a new bowl since this bowl was not fresh, she said "You must quickly eat mah, you put there for half an hour, of course will lao-hong", which I think was totally ridiculous!
(Lao Hong = dialect for not crispy or losing the crispiness)

Who finishes a bowl of tidbits within 30 mins, unless you are talking about really nice snacks, which in the case wasn't. LAME.

Tired Joshua.

When yun and Pat arrived, we started our dice game.

An Gong Jiang Gu. Grandfather sharing life stories.

The night ended at around 2am? We finished the entire bottle of Chivas as we reckon we would not be coming back here again within the next few months.

We will still stick to BQ as the price of a bottle of Chivas here is higher than one in BQ.

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