21 September 2008

House Party (Part 2)

This is a continuation to my previous post, House Party (Part 1), as I promised.

Since the majority of comments I got from that post revolved around the delicious fried chicken wings, i have decided to upload this just for you.

Below is a very raw video of Ronald showing how he cooked his chicken, not very clear though because I started recording when he was already done with marinating his chicken wings.

Do leave your response if you do want to know the whole process from marination to tossing to frying. If the response is good, I might just request Ronald to let me video him through the whole process.

In the meantime, enjoy the raw version....


Part 1

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Jas said...

i would like to see the end product...

pr1mero said...

Ronald seems so nice on video... indeed it would be awesome to see the whole cooking process in quick steps, but that would be almost like video editing.