04 September 2008

House Party (Part 1)

It has almost become a default activity for me and my colleagues to have a house party every Friday,as its the most fun and economical way of enjoying ourselves with booze and music, without having to pay for:

1. Cover charge

2. Taxi ride to the club

3. Taxi ride home after clubbing

4. Supper

And, we have the whole house to ourselves, and clean restrooms to use, why not have house parties more often?

Ronald loves to cook, he volunteered to cook one of his specialities for us, Fried Chicken!

Tender looking chicken before marination

While he is cooking, we enjoy some potato chips

Ronald enjoying every single moment while cooking, there is a video of him cooking, will upload in the Part 2 of this post.

Marinated chicken

Coated with his own special flour

While waiting, Pauline posing for a pic with Sajid's wedding photo

Joanne, Pauline and Jennefer

Presenting to you, the best home-made chicken wings ever!

Ronald Fried Chicken....

I tell you, I am not exaggerating, the wings Ronald made can give KFC a run for their money!

They taste similar, if not better, than KFC Original Recipe!

Only those who tried will be able to vouch for the tastiness of his wings....

Thinking about it makes me drool.....

Chivas, Black Label and Smirnoff promoters?

Everyone forced to take a Tequila shot

The effect of Tequila shots

Guys do crazy things

Girls pose for pictures

Videos of all these action in next post

All the smokers in the house

A lot of lemon and salt, for the never-ending rounds of Tequila, amongst Whiskey, Vodka and Beer!

Yes, its them again taking pictures

Ronald getting all Emo with Noel, in front of their wife and gf

So loving....

A group photo

Ken before his Beer bomb

Joanna, Patrick and Prem arrived

Preparing for the Beer Bomb

Now its Jen's turn

Look at Patrick. Hah

What beer bomb, more like beer drown!


Other photos were not posted for privacy and decency sake, and videos will be up in Part 2, I am not sure when, well, it took me so long to post Part 1 up, keep on waiting.....

13 Macro Voice(s):

cla said...

where ur chatbox been???

Demcy Apdian- Dias said...

my first time visit here..love the fried chicken...gee..am drolling right now!

pr1mero said...

This Friday is coming too. Another party? Lol. It looks wild ~~ hope the neighbours don't complain.

Serene said...

eh the chicken wings look damn good can! can steal the special flour anot? haha

BLue said...

ROAR while you all party with friends, I drink with both parents @ home LOL

kenwooi said...

looks fun! XD

Marc, 27 said...

cla, I have removed the chat box permanently.

demcy, the chicken wings don't just look good, they taste really good!

pr1mero, don't worry, neighbours have been tolerant with us so far. We know how to behave...

serene, I try ask my friend for the recipe soon.

blue, then its time to get a life.

kenwooi, join us one day!

Anonymous said...

the orange num guy looks lyk he steam liao luhs. (:

Marc, 27 said...

anonymous, yup, he was pretty drunk that day!

Anonymous said...

he seemed so high & horny.(:

Marc, 27 said...

anonymous, he was drunk I know, but whether he was horny, hmm, I really don't know!

The Malaysian Explorer said...

looks like you guys had a whale of a time....

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Marc said...

Explorer, indeed, we had a lot of fun!