07 September 2008

Cash Studio KTV at Ming Arcade

Went to this KTV by the name of Cash Studio the other day, because of Suraya's recommendation. Apparently she is a regular there. So inconvenient, all the way to the other end of Orchard Road. But since we have already made reservations, we went down nonetheless.

Its located at Ming Arcade Level 4.

The reception area

Elaine, Ralph, Joanne and Jen

The elevators that directly stops inside the KTV

Our room comes with a mini stage, and a fan.

Cam whoring

Joanne singing

Joanne told me some of her department colleagues commented we are very compatible in pictures

Is that Tyra Banks?

When we were leaving the place, this notice caught my eyes. Spot the bad English?

Overall, I would say that Cash Studio is not really a place I would visit again.

1. Drinks menu very little variety
2. Chinese songs here are not the latest
3. Very inconvenient because its not located near MRT station

However, I would definitely recommend this KTV for those who have tight budget because each of us only spent $17 after we split the bill!!!

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Serene said...

joanne is pretty.. she is not a local i guess..

Mockingbird said...

That's Tyra Banks not. Tyra Banks is beautiful and well-endowed. She's definitely not a flatchest. Ha, ha, ha...! :D And she's a woman, not a man.

Serene said...

i think he looks more like Miss J. Alexander, the runway coach, than Tyra Banks leh.. hehe


Marc, 27 said...

serene, joanne is local la, pure singaporean. And yes, she is pretty.

mockingbird, ok ok she is not Tyra, you must be a Tyra fan.

And serene, you are so right, he really looks like Miss J. Alexander!!!

Xie Bin said...

HELLO marc! haha! the notice is funny! wah, ktv... affordable! but i don't really like ktv. :p take care huh!

pr1mero said...

I guess you get what you pay for. It's like a universal rule.

Marc, 27 said...

xie bin, ya, the notice is so cute.

pr1mero, "yi fen qian yi fen huo"

Anonymous said...


Just a different opinion to share.

Firstly isnt' it at B3? Plus I personally think Cash Studio is catered for Malay-speaking because althogh the English & Chinese songs are not the latest, their collection of Malay songs is pretty good.

I suppose the same concept applies to K-Box & Partyworld where the Malay songs are not the latest. But I like Cash cuz it's cheeeaaap.

K toodles....

Marc said...

Anonymous, I agree with you that Cash Studio is more catered to the Malays as when we were there, we were the only bunch of non-malays around.

And ya its true that their chinese pop songs are not so updated as well, and surprisingly their malay songs are pretty updated.

I still prefer to Red Box at JB.

Anonymous said...

Hi, randomly found your review. I'm a regular at cash, but not for the chinese songs. Cash has a very updated Japanese songs system, and that, plus the Malay songs, are what they specialize is :)