03 September 2008

Singapore Changi Airport introduces a new security device

Very Soon, travellers in and out of Singapore will have to "bare it all". Do not fret yet, I am not talking about literally taking off all your clothes, I am talking about the latest device the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 is introducing. Costing the airport US$200,000, this device detects up to the skin and contours of your body. However, for privacy sake, face and sensitive parts of the body will be blurred, iamges captured will also be deleted immediately after the passenger is processed.

I think for me its perfectly fine, because I rather go through this, than having terrorists or hijackers among us in the airport!

An example of the image

Full report below:

SINGAPORE: Singapore's Changi Airport Terminal 3 is testing out a new screening machine which is said to be more effective in detecting illegal objects concealed on the body. But the new device could leave travellers a little more exposed.

Called the Millimetre Wave scanner, it is currently on a three-month trial at Terminal 3 (T3).

The scanner produces images that outline the body contour. High-frequency radio signals generate millimetre waves which bounce off the body to reveal any hidden foreign objects.

While some travellers may find the image too revealing, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) said care has been taken to protect their privacy.

For example, the passenger's face and sensitive parts of the body are blurred. The image, captured at a location away from the scanner, is deleted after each passenger is processed.

Travellers Channel NewsAsia spoke with did not seem to mind much about a little exposure.

One traveller said: "I would choose it just because I would rather someone not pat me down."

"I will go through the scanner as this is a very important thing for security," said another.

Currently, only one scanner is being used at T3's A1 to A8 gate hold room.

If passengers set off a metal detector, they still have the option of the traditional ‘pat-down’ physical search or going through the new scanner.

CAAS is evaluating whether the US$200,000 scanner improves passenger flow and is gathering feedback from travellers before deciding whether to deploy the machines across the airport.

Developed by US-based L3 Communications, Millimetre Wave scanners are already being used at airports in countries like the Netherlands, Australia and Indonesia.

(Story from Channelnewsasia)

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BLue said...

when will it happen? hopefully after I move over, dun wanna get scan -.-

Spectre said...

thanks for airborning into spectre blog and errrrr those this mean that *they* can can post our scan image at youtube right!

Marc, 27 said...

blue, haha, you feel like a good right? being scanned. I am not sure when it will happen though, because no concrete date is given.

spectre, don't worry, like i mentioned, images will be deleted the moment the passenger is proceessed.

Serene said...

wow cool but damn paiseh at the same time lar...

pr1mero said...

If images are deleted, how come those pictures of the scan are available on the net, such as the one you posted up, as an example? The "scannee"s allow it? If so, awesome. :P

Marc, 27 said...

serene, I know, I wonder to what extend and clarity will they see our "body"

pr1mero, those are from US. For Singapore, CAAS as assured Singaporeans and tourists that we will not be keeping the images at all. You can trust Singapore on that.

Vin Tsen said...

Cool technology!
But won't it be a little boring for the officer who will be sitting there looking at blur "nude' photo for the whole day?

Vin Tsen said...

Link ya by the way, freaking awesome blog you've got here.

*Don't display this comment, lol*

Marc, 27 said...

vin, haha, their job is not primarily for nudity anyway, this is additional work now, so i do not think they will be bored I think they will be busy!

And why not display this comment? Its a nice comment!

Thanks for your compliment!