29 September 2008

My STAR Sign - Libra

Sept 24 - Oct 23
Librans excel in groups of people. They are born diplomats, making friends of enemies. Their charming, artistic qualities enable them to create beautiful and pleasing environments. The sign's paradox is that it aims to create a balance that can never really exist in a world of constant change. Librans need to realise that their efforts to control everything are unlikely to be successful in a world with 11 other signs.

This week:
You are on a positive path and you need to be straight with partners and colleagues. If you decide to pry and probe, be sure not to inadvertenly offend people who trust you. Also, you must be prepared for some unwelcome revelations.
(Thanks to Nicholas Campion)

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Xie Bin said...

hmm... no tagboard huh... hopping to your blog too! :p yeah i love taking pictures, especially candid pictures! hahahaha! see ya around blogosphere yeah! take care!

Marc, 27 said...

xie bin, yup, no tag board for me... thanks, keep in touch!