06 September 2008

Free Movie Screening for a fellow Nuffnanger!


Yang will be going with me. Yang has requested for his identity to be kept confidential thus I will not be putting up his blog URL here as well.

See you there, Nuffnang!


Since I have won for myself a pair of tickets to Babylon A.D. next Tuesday (9 September) at 7pm, I have decided to share this with a fellow Nuffnanger (especially those who took part in the contest but didn't get selected).

Anyone who is keen to go with me for the Nuffnang Movie Screening, pls leave me an email with your name, contact number and your blog URL. Pls put the subject title as "Nuffnang Babylon A.D.".

Pls do not email me if:
1. You hate me and you want to beat/kill/stab me when you see me.
2. You just want the free ticket and you will not be talking to me throughout the entire screening.
3. You have punctuality issues because I do not want to end up waiting for you till the show has started.

This is all for the fun of it and to meet more friends from Nuffnang Singapore, so pls leave me your email NOW!

11 Macro Voice(s):

REGIS IVAN said...

hello. :)
found your fellow nuffnanger to catch the movie with you already? :)

Marc, 27 said...

regis, not so fast la, I will finalise only on Sunday.

Dixon said...

please announce who is it ! :D
i want to know , loL .

pr1mero said...

Damn generous of you!

Marc, 27 said...

dixon, yes I will.

pr1mero, no la, since this is a Nuffnang event, its more meaningful to go with a Nuffnanger.

Dixon said...

so who's going with you ?

Marc, 27 said...

dixon, did you read my post carefully? I already updated who is going with me, its Yang.

ced said...

cool. very giving person!

Dixon said...

never read carefully and erm , you were quite easy to recognize ! :D

Dixon said...

its your specs and face that made me remember . haha . nice seeing you anyways .

Marc, 27 said...

ced, thanks.

dixon, nice seeing you too!