24 September 2008

Singapore's 40 Richest

This years Singapore's 40 Richest List is finally out.

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Details on the TOP 3

1. Ng Teng Fong & Family
Age - 80
Nett Worth - US$7 billion
Married with 6 children

Nation's richest for second consecutive year with 72% stake in Hong Kong-listed Tsim Sha Tsui Properties. Also owns privately held Far East Organization, which has developed more than 700 hotels, malls, condos in Singapore. Older son Robert oversees Hong Kong interests; younger son Philip manages Singapore. Creating hipper image: Quincy, 108-room hotel, styled after the trendy W Hotels chain.

2. Khoo Family
Age - N.A.
Nett Worth - US$6.1 billion

Late banker Khoo Teck Puat left fortune to 14 children in 2004. Family sold stake in Standard Chartered Bank in 2006 for estimated $4 billion. Held on to Goodwood Group of Hotels, which includes Singapore's Goodwood Park, run by daughter Mavis; daughter Elizabeth runs another hotel in Singapore. Khoo's estate gave $32 million for Peking University's new sports complex, venue for Beijing Olympics table tennis competition; $60 million for new medical school, a collaboration between Duke University and the National University of Singapore

3. Wee Cho Yaw & Family
Age - 79
Nett Worth - US$3.6 billion
Married with 5 children

Remains chairman of Singapore's United Overseas Bank after handing chief executive reigns to son Wee Ee Cheong last year. Bank shares up slightly over past year. Graduated from high school in China. President of the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations.

For more information on the other 37 in the Top 40 list, pls click on their respective names arranged according to their ranking below:

Zhong Sheng Jian
Kuok Khoon Hong
Kwek Leng Beng & family
Peter Lim
Lee Seng Wee
Tan Boy Tee
Brian Chang
Ho Sim Guan
Chew Hua Seng
Kwek Leng Kee
Chang Yun Chung
Ow Chio Kiat & family
Lee Kian Soo & family
Olivia Lum
Ng Chwee Cheng & family
Ho Kwon Ping
Chua Thian Poh
Cheng Wai Keung & family
Simon Cheong
Vivian Chandran
Koh Wee Meng
Kwek Leng Peck & family
Loo Choon Yong
Oei Hong Leong
Yao Hsiao Tung
Victor Sassoon
Kartar Singh Thakral
John Chuang & family
Lee Seng Tee
Goh Lik Tuan
Wong Ngit Liong
Henry Ng & family
Margaret Lien
Wong Fong Fui
Mustaq Ahmad
Sunny George Verghese
David Lam

(All information accurate and extracted from Forbes)

2 Macro Voice(s):

Simon Seow said...

Funny, why Lee Kuan Yew's son is not on the list? I thought they own Singtel.

Marc, 27 said...

simon, u mean Lee Hsien Yang? I believe Lee and family is rich in terms of dividends, etc, so i guess they would not be listed in such Rich List. Moreover, I think political figures are not included in such lists, due to sensitivity.

These are BILLIONAIRES, I am not sure if the Lees are Billionaires though.

We better not speculate...