05 September 2008

Thanks Nuffnang!


I received 2 good news today.

First,I received an email from someone by the name of Alex that my blog was featured in Action City's newsletter of some sort, because of my post about their new product line, Breadou.

Then, I received an email from Raine of Nuffnang, congratulating me that I have won for myself a pair of movie tickets to Babylon A.D. next Tuesday.

Here is the screenshot of the email:

Thanks Nuffnang!

This is my first invite to Nuffnang community event, and I will definitely be there! Those who are going, please leave me a comment, and see you there!

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Vin Tsen said...

Oh boy!
Lucky you!

Dixon said...


Serene said...

Congrats dude! enjoy the movie.. :)

Marc, 27 said...

vin, thanks man.

dixon, see you!!!

serene, thanks. Reply my sms pls.

pr1mero said...

Wow. Sooooo good. Some people have all the luck, please.

Z W said...

Dude! Im chosen too (:
My name is Ezen/Dylan/Zhengwei do say hi if u see me there.

Lisa717 said...

wow~ congratulation!!!

Liam said...

lucky guy
i new to nuffnang, hehe

Marc, 27 said...

pr1mero, well this is my first time as well.

z w, so lame, you did not leave any blog address or any identity, how to ay hi to you? How to recognize you? haha...

lisa and liam, thanks!

pzhel said...


Congrats to you for getting for free tickets. Well, I got a pair of the tickets too! :D See ya on tues. =)


Dixon said...

no problem !

zw's blog link ; http://cooshit.blogspot.com/

lol .

Marc, 27 said...

zheliang and dixon, see you guys there!

Z W said...

haha i left my link u didnt check properly


now put bigbig haha :D

Marc, 27 said...

z w, I already acknowledged your link. Confused?! Haha.

Graphito said...

Hi Marc, think I spotted you at the event.. :)

Was too shy to approach you la.. lol.. :P

My hubby won the tiks too, so I went w him.. :)

Marc, 27 said...

graphito, yes, I think I vaguely remember seeing you too!