23 January 2008

Bangkok Trip Part 2


This whole stretch has a lot of night clubs and dirty bars at night. I do not know the exact name of this street as I was just trying to pass thru here to get to where I want to go.

This, on the other hand, is a stretch of A-go-go Gay Bars. Its so competitve that whenever someone walk thru the street, they will try very hard to pull you in to their bar.
See how silly this sign is.
These are markings in the BTS train waiting area.
A neon massage sign.
A cute cat searching for food in the bin.

A video of the cat. Since I find it so cute, decided to capture it down for remembrance.
Cheesy advertising for a restaurant
A beggar on the streets of Bangkok
An old lady selling things in the streets for a living
Silom in the evening. At around 6pm, these shop owners will start setting up their stalls for the night crowd. A lof of people come here at night to buy stuffs.

Other than clothese and ornaments, there are a lot of food stalls
Ladies heels for only 99Batt. Gosh. Thats SGD$4!

Tuk Tuk.
A view during one of my Tuk Tuk rides back to Pullman Hotel
Jam again
They always indicate "Taxi Meter" but these unscrupulous Taxi Drivers always over charge and over quote. Ask them to change their taxi tops to "Taxi-Anyhow-Charge"!
Tourist taking Tuk Tuk
Finally its dinner and craving for Sharks Fin so we found this Chinese Restaurant and decided to give it a try.
Shangarila Kitchen
Colourless and un-tasty "Taiwan Vegetables" cooked in Oyster Sauce
They give 4 sauces for your meal
So-so Tofu and mushroom in Claypot
Extremely disappointing Sharks Fin! We ordered one claypot each as we thought its going to be nice. Turn out, its watery and sharks finless.
Lucky my favourite drink is still nice. U shd try Thailand's Ice Tea Milk when u r there. Its usually good. "Cha Yen"
Seafood fried rice
Prawns in chilli
The exterior of the restaurant
Good? What good?

This is a free movie screening outisde Bkk's version of GV.
Quite a wide range of movies here
Tops Super Supermarket
Arcade games machine
Chinese New Year bazaar

DFS gave me a box of chocolate free for every returning visit I make to their shops. Talk about loyalty program.
This is how many packets we bought.
This flavour is damm nice! Not found in Singapore de.
Hotel lounge. The hotel gave us a complimentary free drink each for being their guest.
Nice bar counter
Nice couches
Good selection of alcohol
This is another restaurant in MBK. I would say it a very confused restaurant as they serve so many different cuisines in one restaurant. Jap, Italian and Thai?
Jap curry pork cutlet
Thai Fish cake and popiah
This is the shop I always go in MBK to do my final snack and tidbits shopping before I return to SG. MBK Level 2.

Make a guess what this is. Artistic right? Its actually a dog sleeping in the middle of the open area outside MBK.
Packed my bags. I came only with my Samsonite luggage, but I went home with an additional China bag and a carton, both full of snacks.
Before I left for the airport, I quickly went to Siam Paragon to do a last scan on the designer sale there. Ferragamo, Gucci, Mont Blanc, LV, etc.
Lastly Siam Center.

After this, I went for a massage again just before I went back to the hotel to pick up my luggage and headed straight to the airport for my 7.45pm flight.
Overall it was a relaxing trip, but I wouldn't say I really enjoyed myself.
Next stop. Either Tokyo, Taipei or Melbourne. Still considering which one.

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Thank for your traveling blog. These picture makes me feel happy and sad when i think of poor beggar without leg.