14 January 2008


Recently I have been toying with the idea of taking my long-awaited degree course. Well, I must say i am doing really well in my career now for my age, but if a degree could get me further, why not right? Today SMA, School of Management, sent me an email with an invitation to attend a talk on their new enrolment for 2008.

I have always wanted to take a degree course in Mass Communication, a continuation from my previous Diploma Course, however due to PROCRASTINATION, i have shelved the the plan for the past 5 years! Goodness!

This degree program that they are offering is a 18 months course, and its validated by Murdoch University Australia, one of Australia's top university. They are currently offering a double major, and I am even more tempted, as I can choose between 14 majors. Public Relations, Marketing Managment, Banking, and Communication, Technology & Policy sounds good.

I am just apprehensive about going to school thrice weekly and having to do assignments every module, and there are 12 modules!

Can I cope? Am I disciplined enough to study before exams?
I am in a huge dilemma. . . Someone pls advise me . . .

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