26 January 2008

Board Gaming @ The Mind Cafe


Activity: Board Games at The Mind Cafe

I arrived at Mind Cafe at around 9pm and met Yun first. We ordered some snacks and drinks and waited for Eddie, Sarah and Yuki, who were supposed to be there at 9pm too. They arrived 1.5 hours late at around 10.30pm! Du Lan!!!

Crowded at 9plus. The Mind Cafe's crowd consist of mostly executives.

Their menu

A game poster

Wonderfully delicious double chocolate cookie. Everytime i come here i order this. This time I tried my luck and asked the waiter where they got their cookies from. He said "Actually I also asked my boss, but he refued to tell me."

This game very funny. Left left right right. Make people so confused.

Sarah having her chicken chop while Yuki sms.

Still sms-sing.

Sarah very serious with the game. Strategising.

this is one new game we played. Ghost Chase. Its fun man. And can strategize.

Ordering food again.

Donald Trump's game.

Donals Trump's cash!

Staff explaining a game to us.

Jungle Speed is another fun game that test your reflexes.

The ghost in Ghost Chase.

We played till 1.30am and parted. Everyone's tired. Sarah is pregnant and can't drink so we decide not to proceed to any drinking joints. Eddie just finished ICT low key and he is damm tired so we all ended our night unusually early.

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