18 January 2008

Zodiac 2008 (Part 10 of 12 - Rooster)

Yeah, this is mine! Its scary how accurate this is!!!

雞 Rooster Born in: 1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005

Dramatic but a reputable person who works systematically Hardworking, resourceful, talented and confident. Vivacious and popular socially, but may have a tendency to brag insensitively. Outspoken and loves to attract attention. Always take good care of their family and can handle money well.

The Rooster, or Chicken as he is called, is the Don Quixote of the Chinese cycle. The dauntless hero who must look to the earth to survive, he is the most misunderstood and eccentric of all the signs. outwardly, he is the epitome of self-assurance and aggression, but at heart he could be conservative and old-fashioned.

The Rooster-born, especially the men, will be attractive, even dashingly handsome. The princely fowl is radiant and proud of his fine feathers and has an impressive carriage. You don't find any roosters slouching; they strut about with dignity. Even the shyest member of the Rooster family will cut a neat, trim figure and maintain a special bearing wherever he goes.

There are two distinct type of Roosters. The rapid-firing, extremely talkative ones and the deadly solemn observer types with the X-ray vision. both are equally hard to deal with. The Rooster has many outstanding qualities to crow about. He is sharp, neat, precise, organized, decisive, upright, alert, and most direct. He can also be critical to the point of brutality. Don't ever ask him his frank, candid opinion--you may never recover from his comments.

He loves to argue and debate, showing how knowledgeable and smart he is, some- times with little regard of the feelings of others. But when his feathers are ruffled in return, he is insufferable. He isn't cut out to be a diplomat. Situations regarding tact, delicacy and discretion will cramp his style. His way is to go about trying to convert everyone to his way of thinking with a missionary zeal. He shines when he is the center of attraction.

Tremendously imposing as a personality, he could well pursue any career that exposes him to the public eye.

The Rooster likes: Hard works, Fresh Air, Neat but Casual, Challenges, Nature and Control.
The Rooster dislikes: Laziness, Weakness, Technology, Illness, Practical Jokes and politics.

Compatible Animals: Rat, Snake, Rooster
Incompatible Animals: Dragon, Horse, Goat, Dog, Rabbit

Your Luck In Year 2008
Overall Forecast
Lucky stars shine huge in life chart. The luck cycle this year is fabulous. In additional, you have the guidance of eminent persons and being at the right place at the right time, all understandings are effectively accomplished. Regardless it’s business establishment or expansion or development, you have to do it personally, and do not be indecisive. Great opportunities do not occur often. Seize the opportunity to do your best. Do not get yourself involve in monetary disputes.

Despite the excellent luck for Rooster this year, you are encircled by lots of gossips and scandals. Peach blossom curse is everywhere. Since you now know your fate, learn to discipline yourself and you will be able to rid off all worries. Business development is proceeding smooth. Working persons who are able to stay away from gossips will be very outstanding; pay raise, promotions and holding authority are possible. Health is good but do not over indulge in food. Take note of food hygiene and avoid eating uncooked food.

Income luck is plenty. You can do multi forms of investments. Windfalls luck is unfathomable; it’s better for you to leave it to fate. Business profits are good but do not greed over fast cash and involve in risky activities. Your luck with the opposite gender is strong. Personal relations are good. Courting couples are enjoying sweet romance while married couples should not touch illicit relationship.

Do a thorough plan if you wish to shine in business community. When dealing with people, do not be too harsh, learn to let go a bit and strike when the time is ripe. Working persons should mind their own business. Students will find that they easily fall into love net and affect their personal well-being; take heed not to be too involved.

Gossips and scandals are the main factors that impede the progress of any undertakings. During this tough period, endure and tolerate are the words of wisdom.

There is great progress in love luck. Social networking session is active and you will have the chance to meet up with friends of opposite gender. Both you and your newfound friend will fall head over toes for each other readily. Those married should control themselves and stay away from illicit affairs. Courting couples are deeply in love and are a good time to talk about marriage. In summary, do not be affect by rumours and scandals, and learn to show trust and care to each other to get through this tough period. Love luck is not good in later half of the year.

Wealth luck is excellent. Investments see gains. Wealth pours in abundance. But stay away from gambling and speculative activities. Roosters have very strong desire to invest this year, so there will be huge movement of funds, manage it well so as not to be caught in financial crisis. It is not a good year to take up loans or to act as guarantor for others, or you will be caught in lawsuits. Those who wish to purchase assets should do their due diligence in advance.

Roosters are very particular over food taste. It is advisable to take note of food hygiene and partake healthy food instead. Do not cause your digestive system to be wrecked by your diet. Elderly at home should go for more regular check up and keep fit. Hectic workload causes Rooster to overlook the importance of adequate sleep, thereby affecting their health. Take note of home safety. Pregnant women should be extra careful in their movements and caution of falls due to exhaustion.

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