19 January 2008

Zodiac 2008 (Part 11 of 12 - Dog)

狗 Dog Born in: 1922 1934 1946 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006

Honest , faithful and possessing deep loyalty and responsibility. Can be magnanimous and prosperous, yet also guarded and defensive, never really relaxed despite outer calm. She has a glib tongue, practical and realistic. The Dog is also trustworthy and generous to people and has a deep sense of justice.

This maybe the most likable sign of all in the Chinese cycle. A person born in the year of the Dog is honest, intelligent and straightforward. He has a deep sense of loyalty and a passion for justice and fair play. A dog native is usually animated and attractive and will exude sex appeal. Generally amiable and unpretentious, he will know how to get along with others as he is not too demanding. The egalitarian dog likes to meet others halfway, is always willing to listen to reason and can be counted on to do his share.

For a friend, you must know that whenever you are in trouble, all you have to do is dial D-O-G. For no matter how much he or she complains, scolds, feign indifference, the Dog person cannot ignore a real call for help. At times, the dog protects the interests of others more avidly than his own. The Dog often sticks to his object of affection no matter how unworthy the person is. You don't find a dog leaving home just because he discovers that his master has the proverbial feet of clay. He makes allowances for such frailties and will probably stick it out thick or thin.

The Dog likes: Routine, Challenges, Friends, Presents, Travel, Food, Play and Nature
The Dog dislikes: Mistreatment, Fakes, Discomfort, Rudeness, Dishonesty, Hunger and Anger

Compatible Animals: Tiger, Rabbit, Horse
Incompatible Animals: Ox, Dragon, Goat, Rooster

Your Luck In Year 2008
Overall Forecast
Evil stars gather in your life chart and lucky stars lack the strength to support you. Thus your luck is not so good. Before doing anything, think thrice and do not be hasty, else others will be able to plot against you. Vile persons are causing trouble, so this is the time to endure, tolerate and bide your time to strike back.

In business dealings, you must be able to differentiate between vile person and noble person. Your business and undertakings are impeded. Do not worry. Take it easy and observe the situation to make the necessary amendments. No matter if you are doing business or working, you should not be rash in your actions. As for your health, you will contract illness easily. Take good care of possible bloodshed.

The luck cycle for this year is bad. Wealth luck is low. Be sensible in managing your finances or you will face financial difficulties. There is even fear of robbery. Love luck is all right just that married couples are constantly bickering. It is advisable to show tolerance and care to each other. Love relationship is not progressing well.

The luck cycle fluctuates this year. Things are not going as planned and you lack the chance to display your best. Despite having very thorough plans this year, you have to think thrice before proceeding and do not do things independently. Internal office strife is rampant and vile person are creating trouble. Be composed and ready to meet changes. Retreat and advance accordingly. You have to be witty and gentler when handling human relation matters. Be firm and resolute to ward off the dangers.

Love luck is not proceeding well. Everything looks misty and murky. Meanwhile, gossips and scandals cause ceaseless damages. Couples should be truthful to each other and nicely explain themselves to the other party to clear misunderstandings. Couples should communicate more often and pour out their heart’s contents to each other, else distance will cause further gap and eventual separation.

Wealth luck is low. Income luck is stable. You do not have to expect too much for windfalls. Proper investment sees results. For those doing business, take note not to get involve in lawsuits, else you will need to fork out a certain amount of money. Take good care of your personal belongings, as there is fear of plundering. Do not take up loans or at as guarantor regardless of the situation. Cut down on unnecessary spending and your finance will improve. Remember to conserve your wealth for use during emergency.

You need to take note of food hygiene and prevent contracting illness through what you eat. Keep fit on a regular basis. Take ample rest and do not let worries trouble your mind and soul. Those with old ailments should cautious against relapse. The arthritics and skin related problems of elderly. Stay away from water dangers and take care of possible bloodshed and injuries.

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