25 January 2008

TOP 10 Over-used excuses staff give when they are late

In no particular order

1. The train had technical faults this morning.

2. The usual bus that I take every morning arrived late today.

3. I already left my house, then I realised I forgot to bring my wallet, so I rushed back to get it, thus I missed my bus.

4. I overslept

5. This morning I had a bad stomachache so I was stucked in the loo for a good 30 mins.

6. I actually could have reached punctually, but when I was downstairs, I saw this old lady had to cross the road, so I helped her across.

7. When I was leaving the house, my mum asked me to help her do something, thus I left my house late.

8. My alarm clock didn't ring today, I think the battery is flat.

9. Someone adjusted the time on my alarm clock to 1 hour early and I did not realise until I looked at my watch when I was leaving my house.

10. I sprained my leg this morning and I had to limp top work thus I am later than usual.

**These are real excuses people give!

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