16 January 2008

Zodiac 2008 (Part 8 of 12 - Goat)

羊 Goat Born in: 1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003

Intelligent with a mind for business. She has artistic inclination who tend to be pessimistic. Good natured and generous but can be undisciplined and irresponsible. May have somewhat antisocial tendencies. The Sheep is also indecisive and too passive. Yet she has fantastic luck in her life.

This is the most feminine sign of the zodiac. A person of the Goat year is called the Good Samaritan of the cycle. He is righteous, sincere and easily taken in by sob stories. He is likely to be mild-mannered, even shy. At his best, he is artistic, fashionable and a creative worker. At his worst, he tends to be easily overcome by his emotions, pessimistic and withdrawn.

The Goat is known for his gentle and compassionate ways. He can forgive easily and be understanding about others faults. He dislikes strict schedules and cannot take too much discipline or criticism. Fond of children and animals, he is close to nature and a general homebody. The Goat is apt to mother or even smother the objects of his affections. He is possessed by varying moods and finds it impossible to work under pressure. He also finds it difficult to be objective.

The Goat likes: Pleasure, Culture, Harmony, Space, Literature, Quiet, Freedom and Wit
The Goat dislikes: Noise, War, Paperwork, Beggar, Politics, Bills and Inelegance.

Compatible Animals: Rabbit, Horse, Pig
Incompatible Animals: Rat, Ox, Dog

Your Luck In Year 2008
Overall Forecast
“Long De” and “Zi Wei” stars shine brightly in your life chart. Moreover, other lucky stars are in strength. It is definitely a smooth year for you. Business dealings are good, and investments gain value. Eminent persons come from all 4 directions which favours your wisdom and blossom luck. However, there’s a very crucial point to take note over here. Goats who meet grave matters will be thrown back by setbacks. Fortunately, things will turn out for the better, eventually.

Fortune star shines high. Business and career are doing very well. Those who are keen to develop their business further should do so now. Talented employee should display forte to gain commendation from superior.

Subsequently, pay raise, promotions and higher positions are expected. Health is good, though you must remember to do sufficient amount of exercises. Take precaution against muscle, skeletal and breathing related issues. Even though these are minor illnesses, you cannot afford to be complacent.

Income is abundant. Windfall luck is visible. Moreover, there may be sporadic appearance of sudden unexpected money or rewards, you must treasure your wealth, and purchase assets to retain its value. Your love life is full of colour. Married couples are in bliss. Courting couples may consummate their marriage this year. Just that simples have too many choices to choose from, making them confused at heart.

Those keen to establish or expand business should prepare a sound business proposal beforehand. Do not despair when you meet setbacks. A beneficial year to conserve wealth and purchase assets. Networking broadly, business operation will get better, will gain both reputation and wealth. Working persons’ quick mind and intellect are commendable, able to have clear visions to strike at the right time which earn exceptional results and recognition from colleagues and company.

Couples’ relationships are enhanced but there’s fear of third party appearing in your life. If there are no preventive measures, your family bliss will be shattered. Those married be extra about time to start a family. Students should not dabble with love affairs at this time as it may affect your study mood. Rather, concentrate more on your studies.

Wealth star is shining brightly. Positive aura surrounds you. Wealth flows in abundance. Income and windfall luck is by your side. You are well off and the outstanding result in your business adds to your list of lucky items that occurred. Working person will have high chance of promotion and pay raise. If there are lucky draw events, you might be the possible winner. Fixed income is abundant; use it wisely. This is a good time to expand your operations, buy assets or renovate your home. Youngsters should be thriftier and eradicate bad habits of splurging.

Nevertheless, gaining wealth is easier than to conserve and accumulate. Take note of wealth luck declination near the later half of the year.

You are fit and strong. The only fear is that you succumb to fatigue due to increase business socializing. Know your limits when come to alcohol and cigarette. This year your affiliation with members of opposite gender is very strong. Beware of befriending wild affairs in entertainment centre and that sex will harm you and your partner.Discipline yourself. Take note of heart problems. If you experience irregular heart beat or numbness in your limbs, seek treatment immediately. When you are free, you can do minor exercise.

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