14 May 2008

$1 million for "4444" car license plate!

This wealthy woman in Hong Kong actually forked out HK$1 million to buy a car license plate with the numbers "4444" because she believes its luck!

That is SGD$200,000 and approximately US$130,000!

I can buy a car with that for God's sake!

Read the news below:


Hong kong - A Hong Kong woman splashed out 130,000 US dollars for a car licence plate carrying "4444", despite the number's traditional links to death in Chinese culture, a report said Monday.

The bidder paid one million Hong Kong dollars in a government auction of 270 unusual licence plates on Sunday, the Chinese-language Apple Daily said.

The number four is often avoided by Chinese people because its pronunciation is similar to the word for "dead".

Some skyscrapers do not include floors that end with the number, such as 14th or fourth, as they are less likely to be rented.

However, car licence experts told Apple that four was a lucky number for people originating from Chaozhou, a city in the southern Guangdong province, as it sounds like the word for "water" in their dialect.

Water is a seen as a symbol for money in the traditional Chinese feng shui energy system.

The woman declined to talk to reporters after the auction, the report added.

(News courtesy of Yahoo)

4 Macro Voice(s):

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

that's a bit extreme right. give me the million and i will make a dozen for her LOL

Serene said...

she got too much money is the only thing i can comment..

3POINT8 said...

Hehey, I posted the same thing @ 3POINT8

I would do the same as the lady...

Marc said...

Kif, it is such a coincidence!