27 May 2008

I got 400 additional visitors in a day, all thanks to FCUK Singapore!

Today when I visited my Nuffnang Analytics to check my traffic, I got a pleasant surprise! My traffic shot up! At first I thought it was a mistake so I kept refreshing the the analytics button, and no, it was not a mistake.

Just 2 days ago, I blogged about this rude blog about Singapore: FCUK Singapore?


Today I was alerted by a fellow blogger that the blogger involved has retaliated and wrote a post in response to a few Singaporean bloggers (one of them is me) who actually blogged about him.

All thanks to him for putting my blog link down in his new post, my traffic shot up by extra 400 readers today!

These 400 plus are just his referrals, not mentioning my own regular readers and other referrals.

Hereby, I would like to thank FCUK Singapore.

Here is the screenshot!

3 Macro Voice(s):

Serene said...

Eh u shd go to his blog now and thank him.. LOL

Marc said...

Serene, I really want to, but his blog has no tag board nor comment function. I guess he will read my blog soon anyway.

acura said...

Congrats then, you really should thank him for it lol