21 May 2008

I can sleep anywhere, just not my bed!

I can doze off / fall asleep everywhere, but just not on my bed, what is seriously wrong with me?

Recently especially, whenever I try to lie on my bed to sleep at night, my mind is WIDE AWAKE! My mind is so active, that I just can't doze off, I can't fall asleep.

It is disturbing, very disturbing.

When I am on the MRT, I can doze off in any position, even when I am standing.

When I am at my desk at work, I can doze off while reading my emails.

When I am drinking coffee with my friends at a cafe, I can doze off while chatting.


I just cannot doze off on my bed!!!

I keep having bad dreams, to a point I am going berserk!

Why is my insonmia so bad?

I take Melatonin.

I take relaxant.

I take Valerian.


None of the above is helping me.

Am I too stressed?

Am I thinking too much?

Am I having serious insonmia?

Can someone tell me how to cure this?

I need help!

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Genevieve said...

Heh, tell you what, next time you can't doze off in your bed, try running on the threadmill, you may fall asleep that way.

Of course I'm kidding, thanks for dropping by!

Jez said...

hhmmnnn......why not:
1. try counting from 1 to 1000??
2. if that doesnt work, try watching a very boring movie??
3. or read a boring book??
4. probably drinking a glass of milk will help you.

HuiHuiakaTara said...

Don't drink coffee/tea/coke after 5pm or at night.

Relax yourself by imagine something nice, something that is nothing to do with work like on a beach relaxing etc.

On a dim light before going to bed.

Hope these helps you. >.<

Marc said...

Hi everyone, thks for yr suggestions. I have tried mist methods, but i will keep trying and find one method that works for me I guess?

Serene said...

hey i left a comment.. it's gone?

Serene said...

oh well.. anyway i wanted to tell u it could be a habit coz powerful is the mind. try to relax and dun think so much at nite.

might wanna try dabbing some lavender PURE essential oil on ya pillow to give you tat extra soothing effect... it works for me :)

Mersine said...

Hey Marc,
I have the same problem and I decided to look online for the answer and I stumbled on your blog. I have formed a bad habit when I hit the pillow. It's the end of the day and my mind thinks its time to review everything that has happened so it goes into overdrive and won't stop, preventing me from sleeping. At first I thought this was useful, but now I want the ability to turn it on or off. Anywhere else, I can fall asleep easily.

I hope you find the answer. I'll tell you when I do