17 May 2008

Getting worked up over a post?

I don't understand why some people (Hollyjean) are so worked up over my "Virgin Contracted STD" post?

My intention of doing up that post was for public awareness, since it was shared with me by a friend of mine, I would just like more people to know more about it. There is nothing wrong with just being more cautious in future right?

Some bloggers / passer-bys just like to pass comments without thinking twice. This is my blog, I blog about anything I want, and I stand firm on this point. As long as I know what I blog about is from my heart, then its good enough for me.

There are so many things that are not possible, but has happened in this world.

Have you guys read about the woman who pleasured herself with a lobster? She gave birth to shrimps after that and died of shock. Isn't that unbelievable? Don't believe what I just said? Click here.

One thing I would like to emphasize is that if something has not happened before, that does not mean it will NOT happen in future, because the world is revolving all the time, and what might seem totally absurb 10 years ago, may be normal now.

So usually when I read or hear stories that I have never encountered before, I always accept with an open heart and share with the people around me, especially those I love, because I want them to be informed of what I heard/read.

Lets just say that my friend lied to me and he fabricated the story about his friend who contracted STD, but what harm does it do to anyone to just read about it? I tried googling for answers, apparently its impossible to get AIDs through toilet seats, but it is POSSIBLE to get STD thru toilet seats.

For the information of the ignorant out there, AIDs is just one type of STD. There are many types of STD and some are more serious than the others. I don't think I need to elaborate on STD because you can just Google it and you will get the answers.

I hope readers, when reading blogs, can be more open to learning new things, and not quickly leave nasty or insulting comments / tags, because after all let me repeat myself again:

This is my blog, and if you do not like what you read, then ignore it or leave my blog.

And to that HollySHIT who left nasty comments about me and blogged about me in response to my "Virgin Contracted STD", shame on you because you have nothing to blog about except for creating sequels to the work of others?

Creativity, or the lack of it, in this case of HollySHIT?

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Serene said...

Just let it pass.. you cant please everyone..

btw when is ya tagboard returning home?