11 May 2008

Teen Prostitute - Bank Account RM80,000!

I just read a shocking news about this teenager from Malaysia, she has been in prostitution for 3 years now, and charges RM2000 to RM4000 per sexual service. It would have never been surfaced if she hadn't injured her private part and was admitted to hospital.

Malaysia - She is only 17 but has a bank balance of over RM80,000 ($34,450).

The secret as to how the teenager came to own so much cash came to light after she was hospitalised in Kuala Lumpur.

The first bombshell she dropped would have caused concern to any parent - her vagina was injured.

The second revelation: She sustained the injury while providing sexual services to a man from the Middle East.

Her third shocking confession was the money in her bank account. She had earned that by selling her body.

The teenager who hails from Trengganu had been offering sexual services in Kuala Lumpur since 2006, reported Harian Metro.

According to the tabloid, the girl charged between RM 2,000 and RM4,000 for her sexual services.

A source at her school told the newspaper that the revelations were shocking and only then some in the school understood why she made almost weekly trips to Kuala Lumpur.

Her double life was exposed when she didn’t turn up in school for several days in March. A teacher was asked to go to her house and investigate.

Her family was shocked to hear that the teen was not in school.

She was in fact at that time hospitalised in Kuala Lumpur.

It was only when they confronted her, that they came face to face with a series of shocking details.

First, it was the staggering amount of money in her bank account.

The source at her school said the sexual services were arranged by a middleman and the teenager's clients included foreign businessmen.

How she ended up in prostitution is not known but the girl is said to be bright with an attractive personality.

It is also not known how she managed to keep her secret from her family for so long.
Its sad to hear teenagers are exploited like that, but its more shocking she charges such a high fee man. RM2000 - RM4000 is like OTT!

(Story courtesy of The New Paper)

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Robin said...

that a lot although i dont know the market price...hehehe
wait...no pictures?
good post!

Marc said...

I think its way above the market rate! No pictures la. Haha.

Ed said...

man she is so young.....rm 2k and 4k that alot man....*sighs* dunno what the world is comming to hehehe (:

3POINT8 said...

Some high class escort maybe?

pamsong said...

Whoa. These girls are nuts. It's so not worth the money.

flizzoe said...

urgh.. 2k-4k, that's so expensive! for men out there, better get married la, maintenance for wife (or wives) wont reach that much per month =)

Your Humble Servant said...


It's such humiliating to heard this... Morality is fading away...

davidlian said...

@ed: What is the world coming to indeed. :/. This story might be sordid, but I actually see it as really sad. As a possibly, soon-to-be, parent, I'd worry a lot for my kids.

wenzi said...

wonder why.. haihz