20 May 2008

Kenny Sia's 1st commercial!

OMG Kenny Sia's very first TV commercial!

I saw this posted in Youtube by Kenny himself just yesterday, and I must share this with you guys!!!

A Thai commercial for Mr Potato.

Can you spot him?

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Serene said...

Thai commercials always damn exaggerated! haha..

Jez said...

hhahahahaha..... seeing this commercial makes me laugh (a bit loud,,just a bit)that my officemates wondered what happened to me...hahahahahhahah

Marc said...

Ya Serene and jez, its funny . . . . i m still wondering how Kenny got the part. Anyone knows?

Ed said...

hey marc that vid so funny....sorry been busy lately that is y iam behind all my entries haw have u been?

Jayce @ Make Money said...

Ha... Ha... This is funny and creative Ad. :D