13 May 2008

Malaysia's TOP 5 Most Linked Blogs

The below information is based on my own research, and may or may not be 100% accurate. If I have given any wrong information, pls feel free to correct me politely, and I can make the necessary amendments. If anyone is offended, let me apologize in advance.

I have been doing some research over the last few days. Serious research.

Although I am Singaporean, I realised that there seems to be a lot of Malaysian bloggers out there, serious ones. So I tasked myself to find out which are Malaysia's most popular blogs, out of curiousity.

Well, curiousity kills the cat!

When I say popular here, I do not mean the daily visitors to the blog, I mean the number of links to this blog, so I made use of http://www.wholinkstome.com/ and started my research 3 days ago.

I went thru an extensive list of blogs, at least 200 of them, with the help of the MillionBlogList and WikiBlogDirectory and trust me, it was extremely tedious! Well, the effort was worth it because I got to know some new blogs!

AND . . .

Presenting to you, Malaysia's TOP 5 Most Linked Blogs:

1. http://www.jeffooi.com/ - 66,100 links
2. http://www.sapiensbryan.com/ - 55,966 links
3. http://www.kennysia.com/ - 23,000 links
4. http://www.shaolintiger.com/ - 20,299 links
5. http://www.rojaks.blogspot.com/ - 18,400 links

I will be doing my research on Singapore's TOP 5 Most Linked Blogs soon, and hopefully I will be able to present you with the results soon!

(Have you nanged me?)

7 Macro Voice(s):

Fireopal said...

Is the info accurate???

i did a search on my blog.. and my page rank is zero... but on other sites and on google tool bar.. my rank is 3

Marc said...

Haha didn't I say its not 100% accurate? Keke

Fireopal said...

wah.. dun tell me u follow the GMP publicity scam on STOMP hor..

Marc said...

wat the heck is that? wat is GMP?

curryegg said...

WOw.. isnt that great? Being linked by so many bloggers?

I wonder will I have the day? Haha.. at least 900 links enough d.. lol...

Fireopal said...

visit my blog.. and u will know what GMP and STOMP is all about..

R.Anand said...

These are my blog's .. how to get page rank.. pls tel some tips..
Wat are the corrections should i do in my blogs pls do reply