11 May 2008

I don't celebrate Mother's Day

Been blog-hopping, seeing everyone else's blog talking about Mother's Day, I kind of feel left out. I have not celebrated Mother's Day for years, in fact many many years.

While everyone is out with their mothers having Mother's Day lunches and dinners, I am at home all alone.

Suddenly this thought came to my mind. Is Children's Day really meant for kids only? Because it seems Children's Day was celebrated only in Primary and Secondary school, and not thereafter. It seems more like "Student's Day"

Was Children's Day introduced as a day for parents to appreciate their "Children"? Like how chilldren appreciate their parents on Mother's Day and Father's Day?

Why is such an act of appreciation not reciprocated on Children's Day? The day to give your child(ren) all your attention . . . Grown up children like you and I, needs that affirmation too sometimes . . . Don't we?

And no, I am not going to say "Happy Mother's Day" because

I don't celebrate Mother's Day!

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Serene said...

Yes i think children's day should be emphasized too.. are we less important? hmmm

3POINT8 said...

If children's day are not celebrated, why should we celebrate mother's day?
Man....this is so twisted!

JSlogy said...

Hey, I have to tell you this. Children's Day is only applicable for Primary School Kids. Not Secondary School Kids. LOL

Marc said...

oh, i totally forgot, its been a while since I last celebrated Children's Day, thus I thought its Pri and Sec.

And yes I agree with 3point8 that why shd mother's and father's day be celebrated when Children's day is not?

Fortunately for me, my bday is on Children's Day, so after all, I still indirectly celebrate Childrens Day!

Fireopal said...

mothers day should be everyday.. and not be some commercially fixed date

QuaChee said...

i actually joked with my mum... on having a 'son day' haha. i guess most impt is we love our mum every other day :)

Irene said...

Hey my dear, I koe why u dun celebrate Mother's Day bcoz it's just like I dun celebrate Father's Day and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, if we feel that way, bcoz we r the best judges! And...u r sooo rite abt the Children's Day part...we need affirmation too even though we've grown up! haha I thought we are always babies in our parents' eyes? *wink*
Well, I also agree that actually such commercially fixed "Days" r redundant bcoz love should be shown/shared everyday, not limited to who, what, where, when and/or how!
It's been quite some time since we last met, when's gonna be our "Friends' Day"?? haha...

Marc said...

Irene, the answer is SOON!