15 May 2008

A, B, . . . what?

Argh . . .

Syesha is OUT! After 56 million votes, American Idol finally say BYE to Syesha.

Our speculations have become reality, its A against C.

Archuleta VS Cook

I am upset, because I can no longer watch Syesha a.k.a Whitney-Brandy-Alicia on American Idol.

So who do you support?

Which D(A)vid will eventu(A)lly emerge (A)s the winner of se(A)son 7?

Is it the ROCKER?

Or is it the boy-next-door?

is the answer

4 Macro Voice(s):

YEONG said...

i wont be surprised if Archuleta wins the leg because his fan base is huge. Cook, on the other hand might not have much fan base as compared to Archuleta. however, Cook's much more versatile than Archuleta.

both are winners! :)

Marc said...

Yup Yeong, i agree abt the fan base. Because Archuleta appeal to a wider audience, he has the edge to win.

Kritz said...

i prefer cook!
but even if he doesn't win,
i hope he becomes something like daughtry :D

arjaeuse said...

Hello... I'll go for David Cook...
Hope you can drop by too on my
thanks.... :)