19 May 2008

Sue me?

I received a comment from an anonymous coward on one of my posts this morning. He / She left his / her name as "anonymous" and left no URL behind, and expect me to put up his nasty comment after moderation? I think he / she can wait FOREVER.

He said if I do not remove the words "HollySHIT" from my previous post, he (or HollySHIT) is going to sue me.

Greatest joke on earth!

This idiot, probaby has the brain of a 1 year old or 1 month old?

Sue me for what? What case does he / she / it has?

I did not even flame that THING by posting her blog URL and pasting screen shots of her blog, and you can sue me for that?

Anyone can be called Hollyshit or hollyjean, don't tell me her name is a trademark?

Pur-lease . . .

In fact, I CAN SUE HER FOR DEFAMING ME. She, on the other hand, pasted my blog URL and screenshot! I don't even need to go to the extend of sueing, I can write in to my friend who works for Blogger.com for defamation, then maybe she will get blocked as well, like what happened to the other girl the other time.

Hey people, don't bring out the word "SUE" if you do not know the meaning, go check the dictionary or something. To sue someone, you need to have a case, and in this scenario, there is no case.

I have been keeping quiet after readers (or maybe just Holly's friends) keep flooding my comments and tag board with anonymous coward remarks, but pls do not test my patience.

And to that person who went around other's blog and saying I am gay, I am animal, I am whatever, seriously I DO NOT CARE, this only makes u immature, and seriously I am thinking of tracking your IP address and writing in to IDA, if you still persists.

Don't know what is IDA? Go Google and search!

Sorry I am in bitch mode these 2 days, because someone stepped on my toes and yeah, i like to retaliate. SO WHAT? (someone left a comment ask me not to retaliate and accept. LMAO)

AND, pls stop being such a closetted supporter of my blog, checking out my blog daily for updates on "your" comments to appear after moderation. Because you can keep posting, they are not going to appear EVER!

I have said my piece.

Busy next 1 week, will be posting up more controversial posts soon, I love controversies!

4 Macro Voice(s):

Genevieve said...

Aiyo... idiots AGAIN. Which country's this fella from?

3POINT8 said...

Yea. I like controversial subjects too, particularly one that shuts everyone up.
I don't like controversial topics that sparks up another controversial one..

Marc said...

Gen, i do not know where they are from. Because they are cowards remember? And they do not leave any URL behind for me to "visit" their blogs.

huihuiakatara said...

Hi back to you! =D

Aww... too bad you have remove your tagboard. =(

Anyways, I'll be awaiting for more controversial posts from you. ;)