24 May 2008

Bird's Nest processed with bleach!

After seeing these pictures, I seriously will not buy cheap and lousy brands of Bird's Nest anymore because they actually use BLEACH to process their Bird's Nest!!!

Nest before any processing

Staff removing fine feathers, dirt and grass.

Then the nests are cut into smaller pieces for further washing.

Soaked in pails of water for small particles to float to the top.

Then they are soaked in bleach.

The bleaching agent becomes cloudy after reacting.

After bleaching, hot boiling water is used to get rid of the smell of bleaching agent.

Parts of the birds' nests which cannot be bleached will be taken out.

Now it's the time to mould them into shapes

After moulding them into shapes, they are dried.

After drying them for one day and one night, the birds' nests are ready.

And they become this:



Next time when you buy Bird's Nest, pls make sure you purchase a reputable brand so you will not be eating bleach!

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© sixthbane said...

Goodness, that's horrible!

How could they do that? Was that from china?

But then again, how do you know the white liquid was bleach? Maybe it was some white cleaning powder thats safe for consumption? :/

Serene said...

eh! gross or wat! PUI!

Fireopal said...

are u sure..
i think AVA is very stringent on quality of food coming into Singapore...

3POINT8 said...

erm....got any external source to verify this fact?

Marc said...

sixthbane, as for which country, i will keep it a mystery ba. You should be able to guess.

serene, ya its very gross.

firepal, ya man, this will definitely not happen in Singapore!

Sharoning Q. said...

omg, omg, this is grossly ridiculous. Must really think twice on buying bird nest, like what u said, choose a reputable one.

It should be indo or my. Got ppl in sg go indo built bird nest & make $$$.

HuiHuiakaTara said...

That is simply just crazy!

Using Bleach to wash bird nest? OMG! That is disgusting....

Marc said...

Sharon, i shall not name the country, but you are quite smart to guess which country.
And yes, Indo is famous for making bird's nest.

Anonymous said...

O dear, I'm disgusted by that bleaching process. That's insane.

-popjammerz- said...

wuek....that's yucky.
i love bird nest!!!

but yeah buying a good brand paying more certainly will certifies it quality..cheap stuffs some times are not great nor safe..:)