16 May 2008

Virgin contracted STD

For the benefit of some stupid bloggers, let me make myself clear. This is a REAL STORY, believe or not its up to you. So, after reading this post, if you feel I am bullshitting, just ignore it. If not, just be more careful in future!


I heard from a friend something very shocking yesterday, which I hope to share with everyone.

Yesterday me and my friends went to visit a friend of ours who just gave birth to a newborn baby. As I needed to use the toilet, I told my friend "I go toilet for a while". As I was strolling towards the attached toilet in the ward, my friend ran over and stopped me, saying "Don't use the toilet here, I tell you why later."

So I was taken aback and asked him why I can't use the toilet, he said he would share with me after we leave the hospital.

So after the visitation, I quickly approached my friend and asked him what happened. Then he told me the story of his friend. Lets just call his friend Mary.

Mary is a virgin. Till now she is still a virgin. But she is contracted with STD, Sexually Transmitted Disease.

How did this happen? That is the shocking part.

Mary has been a nice girl all her life and she believes in "Sex only after marriage". Pre-marital sex is a BIG no no for her.

She never had sex, so why would she be infected with STD?

The shocking truth lies in the hospital toilet.

Apparently there was a period of time she had to visit the hospital frequently due to someone close to her being hospitalised. So during that period, she used the hospital toilet frequently. Diseases probably got passed to her on one of the visits to the toilet.

She found out weeks later, when she found foreign substances on her privates and went to consult a doctor.

She contracted STD!

Not through sex, but through diseases spread through toilets.

This is a reminder to everyone out there to be very careful when visiting public toilets, especially those in hospitals. Afterall, the hospital is the place most prone to diseases, so it does not hurt to be more careful in future.

After hearing Mary's story, I freaked out, and told myself to be extremely careful when using public toilets in future.

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pamsong said...

Oh my! What a pity. My heart goes out to her. Sigh.

Serene said...

it's supposed to be serious.. but but but the "Mary" spoils it all.. made me laugh instead..

Nonetheless thanks for this reminder. I will bear in mind :)

"Mary the Virgin" - sooo appropriate! haha..

Marc said...

I know, its very sad.

Sorry for the Mary name. Haha. It because I wanted to avoid any similarities to anyone around me la, so I came out with Mary, which is impossible to clash with anyone I know.

And seriously, I did not realise the Virgin Mary part.

Jayce @ Pretty Girl said...

Aiyo... Why like that? Need to be careful everytime. :)

Lewis said...

Is it possible, AIDS awareness websites say that it's virtually safe to use a shared toilet unless that girl had a wound?

Marc said...

Well Lewis, unexpected things happen all the time, don't they? Its also safe to cross a road with a zebra crossing? But don't people still get into accidents?

Ok, maybe the analogy is wrong, but the idea is there. Haha

sharon said...

Hm... I think probably like what Lewis said that girl had a wound. If not it wouldn't really be possible for her to get AIDS just by sitting on a dirty toilet seats.

BUT, I still think it is good for you to remind others to be caution as even though ppl might not get AIDS, they might be infected by some skin disease just by sitting on a dirty toilet seat. So it's still better to be safe than sorry people!

Stormwhistle said...

HI Bro,

I don't think it is AIDS, maybe other STDs which is not life threatening, yes sharing toilet seat do have a possibility transmitting STD this happened to a friend mine. That's why I carry my own personal toilet seat around just to be careful.................................

Just Kidding la. But What you can do is use a small bottle of disinfecting lotion around to clean the toilet seat before you use it. You can get it in Watsons cost around $2/=

= FLoReNcE = said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'll be more careful next time. :)

Qian said...

Hi, thanks for sharing this, so in future all female doctors should be careful oso for not using the public toilet in hospital!!!...

YEONG said...

it's not only the hospital toilets you know? so are public toilets too! that's why when you use the toilet seat, clean it then use it.

btw, take note of phone booths are any coin dispenser as there might be needles used by drug addicts (uncommon but it did happened). just a POV.

Mockingbird said...

Huh? I thought STD is supposed to be sexually transmitted or via a blood transfusion? i guess maybe your friend got cut on her butt that's why she kena STD?

May God have mercy on her soul.

k0k s3n w4i said...

Sounds like herpes.

about tiuniasing, you're welcomed. I came across this post when I ran a search on innit for you (because ur headliner post had already been buried), and I reached Holly Jean's counterpost about your "AIDS" post. I suppose this was what she meant though it's nice that you have the journalistic integrity to revise it. I'm a medical student and this sort of misconceptions interest me.