21 May 2008

Can we raise $3million for Sichuan?


Singapore has raised SGD$10 million for the Sichuan Earthquake victims!


Singapore is such a charitable country as a whole, aren't we?

We have charity shows for

- kidney patients
- heart patients
- homeless
- SARs victims
- intellectually disabled
- 911 victims
- many other countless

And now, Singapore's only broadcaster Mediacorp will be producing a charity show together with organizers Unusual Productions, Scorpio East Holdings, and Novena Holdings just for the China Sichuan Earthquake victims. This charity show was not planned, and its a last minute effort, hopefully to raise fund for the orphans whose parents died from the earthquake. So far 40,000 people have died.

I am touched by how the Singapore government is always ready to lend a hand to any countries when they are in need.

Though the organizers have no concrete donation target yet, they are most probably targeting $3 million, based on previous TV fundraising shows.

Further report, pls read below:


SINGAPORE : A few groups in Singapore have come together to put up a special three-hour charity concert to raise funds for children who have been orphaned by the Sichuan earthquake.

The concert will be held this Sunday, and will be beamed "live" from the MediaCorp studios, on Channel 8 at 7pm. A repeat telecast will be shown on June 1.

The earthquake in Sichuan has left many children with an uncertain future. And hoping to help them rebuild their lives is a charity concert will be held to raise money to build orphanages or schools.

Yeo Guat Kwang, Advisor to Sichuan Earthquake Charity Show and MP for Aljunied GRC, said, "It's quite sad to see that they have lost their parents, and support from the family. It's important for us to help them to continue, to stand up and move on."

The organisers of the show are Unusual Productions, Scorpio East Holdings, and Novena Holdings. MediaCorp is the producer of the show.

The idea for the concert came about on Monday and since then, organisers have wasted no time. They have less than a week to put together a show that would normally take several months.

Well-known singers from the region are being invited for the show, which will include Gary Cao from Malaysia and Singapore's J J Lin, as well as MediaCorp artistes and presenters.

Channel NewsAsia's China correspondent Wong Yee Fong will give a "live" report from Sichuan, talking about the people she encountered; while Chinese students and workers in Singapore will also be invited to share their thoughts.

Meanwhile, the rescue team from the Singapore Civil Defence Force will return from their mission in China this week and share their experiences.

Organisers have not set any donation targets, but previous fundraising concerts have raised at least S$3 million, and they hope that this time it will be no different. The Chinese Embassy will work with the relevant agencies on the ground, so that the money can be directed to where it is needed most.

Members of the public can call 1900-1125121 for a S$6 donation; 1900-1125122 for a S$18 donation, and 1900-1125123 for a S$50 donation. They do not have to wait till Sunday to donate.

They can start calling in from 12am on Wednesday, and donation lines will remain open till June.

Meanwhile, Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng on Wednesday signed the condolence book for the Sichuan earthquake victims at the Chinese Embassy in Singapore. Mr Wong, who is co-chair of the Singapore-China Joint Council for Bilateral Cooperation, offered his deepest condolence to the victims and families of the earthquake disaster.


Do catch the show on channel 8 at 7pm this Sunday!

(Report extracted fr0m CNA)

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