04 May 2008

Some bloggers blurt without thinking!

Some bloggers in Nuffnang totally have no originality. After i posted "74 bloggers have been linked, what about YOU?", 2 bloggers by the name of weizz and ahjaan from Nuffnang, jumped on the popularity of my post and posted the "so-called" PART 2 of this topic. Such creativity, or the lack of it?

Weizz posted with the title "MUST SEE: why should i let you link? to get traffics??chih!!! LAME!! (part 1)".

Ahjaan posted with the title "150 link n get blog traffic?? haha... vry lame....(part 2):.

Yawn . . . Gimme a break.

They claim in their posts that if you blog well, you "do not have to resort to methods like this to gain popularity". I find it totally amusing because first of all, I am not trying to gain popularity.

Second, I am just trying to set a record for myself, and by the way I have no ad at the moment, so there is no need for me to get traffic? Duh, I guess they are too dumb to think before they even speak, well I will forgive them because they are just 18-year-old boys.

Third, this is my blog, I do whatever I like to do.

Fourth, if they claim that they do not need methods like these to get people to read their blog and if their blog content is so fanta-bulous, why are they INNIT-ing their posts?

Another yawn . . .

They said "Xiaxue and Kenny Sia do not have to do such things".

Well, they are Xiaxue and Kenny Sia, I am Marc! Duh!

Do they even know what they are talking about? But I take it as a compliment because I have been compared to Xiaxue and Kenny?

I would like to also say to the both of them: Xiaxue and Kenny also do not have to INNIT their posts because they have regular readers to their blog.

And seriously, looking at their blogs, I do not think they have that many readers, so why are they criticising others?

Spend time thinking of what new and interesting content to blog, young boys. Don't be so cynical. After all, everyone of us are just finding new ways to blog, there is no need to do a Part 1, Part 2 to seek attention. So last season!

Maybe some are jealous I got 66 nangs for my "74 bloggers have been linked, what about YOU?" post.

. . .

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3POINT8 said...

You have the power to write what you want in your blog and the same applies to others as well.
Btw, Linking only works on certain blogs. And I guess it still works for yours and mine blog.

weizz said...

ok la. sorry la dude if i've offended you. but what im saying in my post is just to give some advise. luckily im just 18 and you're gonna forgive me. and i would like to say thank you because you helped me get some traffic.heh. but i really wonder if you just wanna set a record, you can just link them without their notice. why must they link you 1st and you have to verify it only you will link back?

Marc said...

Weizz, its ok, at least u show up to apologize, n i applaude u for that.

You r welcome for the traffic.

U see, if i want to set a record, it has to be meaningful, n it will only be meaningful if its mutual linking.

Otherwise, why do i need to set at 150? I can set it at 1000? And i just link any Tom Dick or Harry, its so easy to find blogs to link ya, so if i want to link blindly, then I do not need to do up this post.

The purpose of that post was just for fun, really, so when i see such remarks on your blog, with my print screen, i felt a tad offended. But i m ok already. Dun worry, i do not bear grudges.

Anyway I will link you, without u linking back. Haha :p

Serene said...

Everyone has their own way of blogging.. i guess one shd not judge or jump to conclusion so hastily..

Ben said...

I have linked u in my blog..

Anyway, interesting blog :)


Fireopal said...

all sorts of ppl appear in nuffnangs..

some that just ask u for links.. and then keep danging all ur posts... gee... weirdos!

Simon Seow said...

Even KY, Kimberly and ST post on innits leh, just a way to let more ppl know more about your post, nothing wrong there.

QuaChee said...

well said here! :) additionally, there are some weirdos who condemn other bloggers too just to get the hits & be known... funny ppl around.

btw, like yr blog.. cont' yr good work :)

ESTHER said...

came across ur blog. Hor! Nice post hahaha..Linked you ;P